Audible - RWS Entertainment Group


Newark, New Jersey
Compelling Events for the Leaders in Audio Innovation

Audible’s new head of corporate events came to us less than six weeks in advance of their employee events (both summer and holiday) looking to increase employee attendance, engagement and satisfaction from what the company experienced in past events. The overall mission was to make the annual company staff events more compelling, while offering cost-effective programs that were built around the company’s core values.

Audible is all about giving back, not only the community, but also their staff, so we knew these events would be high profile from an internal executive perspective. We immersed ourselves in Audible’s brand and looked at what had been offered in the past, reviewed staff feedback and costs and set our team in motion to ideate theming, messaging, wayfinding, entertainment, interactive activations, décor, and catering that would entice the diverse staff to not only attend, but also participate in innovative activations throughout the event. We crafted programs that offered new activations for each event that the staff had not previously experienced.

By curating innovative events built around the governing People Principles at Audible, we were able to offer something for everyone and our client saw a significant increase in attendance by 40%, garnering the most positive feedback for employee events from staff. Using our in-house resources and industry relationships, we were able to offer the full event programs at a savings of over 50% from previous staff events.