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Cedar Fair

Cedar Point Amusement Park
A Show So Big It Replaced A Roller Coaster

With a new regime at the helm (previously of Disney) and an evening laser show that had grown tired, leadership sought an entertainment game changer. With only a few months until the next season, we were tapped to execute a highly innovative new nighttime spectacular that would set the new standard for theme park performances.

We knew we had to go big or go home, and deliver a cutting-edge, completely original experience geared towards a younger audience. We designed a massive physical infrastructure and integrated live performers with fireworks, flame jets, pyrotechnics and large-scale artistic puppetry. Each performance concluded with a DJ suspended over the crowd, creating an after-show dance party that extended guest stay long into the night.

Audience reaction was instant and dramatic, drawing first time guests to the park along with loyal, repeat attendees for evening entertainment. What began with audience capacity the size of a football field soon demanded the unprecedented removal of a roller coaster and expansion of an additional 10,000 square feet. Five years later, it’s still going strong with 15,000 guests per night. Luminosity raised per cap by 8% and set a new standard for innovation in the industry with a Golden Ticket Award for RWS.