Europa-Park - RWS Entertainment Group


Rust, Germany
Creating a big time experience for little guests.

Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park, wanted to raise the experience of their smallest guests. They had visions of elevating their children’s platform, Junior Club, into an entertaining live experience. The question was, how? They had characters, but with no brand around them, they were simply vehicles for sharing information. Europa-Park needed a storyline, top-notch talent and a kid-worthy interactive concept to bring their characters to life.

To produce a truly impactful show and guest experience, we set out to create the Junior Club character brand. We crafted relatable identities and stories for each of the five Club characters and integrated them into a new, thrilling live show: JUNIOR CLUB Live! Klappe und Action!

This action-packed experience puts the park’s young guests in the spotlight and creates a unique emotional souvenir. Filled with song, dance and state-of-the-art green screen technology to promote audience interaction, guests work with the characters to help film missing scenes from their music video. Guests then get to watch themselves in the final film at the end of every show.

To secure the highest quality talent for this production as well as others across Europa-Park, RWS also led an international audition tour. We got the word out to performers worldwide about the opportunities at Europa-Park, stopping in several countries including the UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and the USA.

Created in multiple languages, JUNIOR CLUB Live! Klappe und Action! has been a hit with kids and adults from around the globe. Europa-Park’s 5 million+ annual guests love being transported into the world of their new favorite characters, where they get to personally interact with them and star in a fun, memorable show. And thanks to our successful global audition tour, park visitors now find world-class talent not just in Junior Club, but across the entire park.