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Hershey Park, PA
Bringing Broadway Back to Hershey

Live performances at Hersheypark, once known for their Broadway quality, had lost their magic. Show caliber, attendance and guest ratings were at an all-time low. The park’s entertainment staff, who had no control over the creative output, were feeling defeated. They needed a fresh start and new direction to restore their mojo—and their audience.

To bring Broadway back to Hershey, we started by first bringing Hershey to Broadway. We created a workshop in NYC where the entertainment staff was able to collaborate with us on the creative process. Together we set our sights on resurrecting an old favorite from Hersheypark’s heyday, “Dance Dance Dance.” We tapped into generations of nostalgia, while giving the show a fresh spin to bring it into the modern age.

Our off-site, cooperative process allowed Hershey entertainment to have a show fully designed and choreographed before rehearsals even began back at the park. Most importantly, it re-energized the staff, who took pride in co-creating the new performance.

The revival of “Dance Dance Dance” was a resounding success, winning the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best Show in an Amusement Park Worldwide. Since its launch, Hersheypark has seen guest attendance rise year after year, as well as more guest compliments shared in person and on social media than ever before. The show was so well received that we continue to work with the park to create fresh and modern productions year after year.