Kohl's - RWS Entertainment Group


New York City
From Retail Giant to Fashion Innovator

In 2006, although Kohl’s was dedicating significant effort and resources towards unique seasonal apparel and housewares, the public didn’t associate the brand as having a fashion-forward voice.

We conceived and created the branded displays for the Kohl’s partnerships with Daisy Fuentes, Vera Wang, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Lauren Conrad and Juicy Couture. The displays changed each season and have continued for over nine years. In order to turn people’s heads, we chose the unique route of converting real, loft homes into the venue for these shows.

This effort helped elevate Kohl’s status to a beacon of fashion, for both the fashion industry and the public in general. This fueled their growth from 114 stores in 2006 to over 1,100 stores by 2014.