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Newport News, Virginia
25 Nights of Northern Lights

For fourteen years, the City of Newport News, Virginia held a unique fireworks show and tree lighting event. While the experience was well loved in the community, they asked for our help in making that magic a reality.

We worked with the city to produce “25 Nights of Northern Lights,” a state-of-the-art light show that would run nightly throughout the month of December. Our project management team oversaw the execution of 30,000 pixels of light dancing around a central fountain and 42-foot-tall tree, featuring changing colors and patterns, all synchronized to a custom soundtrack against a backdrop of man-made snow. Thousands of guests also went from spectators to part of the show, as their RFID bracelets lit up in time with the music. Finally, three themed evenings called “North Pole Nights” punctuated the series, featuring live entertainment, activities, seasonal snacks, trolley rides and the opportunity to meet Santa, Mrs. Claus and their merry elves.

The holiday experience proved to be unlike anything seen before in the region and set the stage for a cherished new tradition. Attendees flocked to the city center while driving a robust increase in revenue for the business community and merchants, who capitalized on the activation.