Six Flags Magic Mountain - RWS Entertainment Group

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Valencia, CA
A Hauntingly Innovative Halloween Experience

In anticipation of the upcoming Halloween season, Six Flags Magic Mountain approached our team to create the ultimate haunted house. They gave us a 1,500 square foot building to work with, which included several infrastructure obstacles, and charged us with creating a one-of-a-kind themed bar as part of the experience.

The character of the building and its location inspired our creative idea: an underground “Sewer of Souls.” We dreamed up a story that immersed guests in a truly disgusting maze beneath the streets, dripping with unidentifiable sludge…and fear. We used existing building infrastructure to create a multi-level experience, allowing for minimal operational cost but maximum scares. As guests wandered along the black-lit, graffiti-covered walls, they never knew what they would discover: creepy, multi-dimensional vignettes and unsettling live characters lurked around every pipe. The wonderfully disturbing experience culminated in a filthy VIP bar designed to be talkworthy and Instagrammable. The “BARthroom” had guests wading through clogs of toilet paper, taking photos in toilet seat frames and enjoying drinks on some not-so-porcelain thrones.

On opening night, the Sewer of Souls became the #1-rated haunted house by the Six Flags influencer audience. Its unique concept and immersive design paid off, leading to heavy traffic and social chatter throughout the entire spooky season.