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Virgin Voyages

Taking Auditions to the Next Level

A brand new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, didn’t have the infrastructure in place to properly facilitate an audition tour, cast its performers and oversee the logistics necessary to get each performer to rehearsals and to the ship. They also struggled with finding a rehearsal facility that could accommodate their need for multiple dance studios with aerial rigging and multiple vocal studios. They needed a partner who was knowledgable on the most streamlined way to manage the logistics, onboarding and housing of their cast.

Virgin Voyages approached RWS to provide production services support. RWS secured a deal with a local hotel partner to provide the necessary accommodations for the 61 performers while they were rehearsing at the RWS Studios. RWS also provided Virgin Voyages with 5 rehearsal studios, a dedicated wardrobe space for fitting alterations and storage along with full casting, production logistics and operations management. RWS contracted each performer, provided payroll services, coordinated necessary orientations and all travel and lodging logistics during rehearsals. We also organized an 8 city world-wide audition tour to find the most diverse singers, dancers and ‘Happenings staff’ in the industry. In order to properly advertise this brand new cruise line’s audition tour, RWS provided Marketing Services that encompassed creating a dedicated audition tour campaign with customized image collateral, and creating a Virgin Voyages webpage to direct all potential talent to where each audition would take place. We teamed up with Virgin Voyages Creative Collective (Virgin’s chosen Director/Choreographers) in order to create a truly unique and completely inclusive audition experience where every performer felt that they belonged and had a chance to be hired.

RWS and Virgin Voyages succeeded in providing each auditionee with a truly equitable, inclusive, and unbiased audition process, like they had never experienced before. RWS was successful in providing Virgin Voyages with the fundamentally diverse cast they desired while also ensuring that each cast member could meet the qualifications for sailing aboard a cruise ship. With a new endeavor, there are always curve balls and RWS helped Virgin Voyages to provide the performers with an extremely organized and personalized onboarding and rehearsal experience.