Tampa, FL
Creatures of the Night

ZooTampa approached RWS to create an eerie and immersive Halloween experience for the whole family. This was no small project, however the ask was that it would expand across the entire property. The team at RWS took innovation to the next level by creating a holistic immersive experience unlike any other.

In order to create this property-wide experience at ZooTampa, our design and technical teams designed an experience that would take guests through multiple sound and light experiences as well as those fully equipped with our thematically designed fright team.

This frightful delight brought out the Creatures of the Night, with startling surprises around every corner. Stand outs of the event include RWS’ Twisted Tales Trail and Rising Waters. Here, three little pigs, a wolf and a girl in a hood frolic in the woods. Laughter, fear and lifelong memories were created during this unique experience.